Foxton Village Hall & Sports Pavilion

Foxton, Cambridgeshire

Foxton Village Hall & Sports Pavilion

Foxton Village Hall is a charity run by the Trustees who are the Management Committee. Their responsibility is the provision and maintenance of a village hall for the use of the inhabitants of Foxton. Committee members comprise elected representatives from parishioners, plus representatives from the Parish Council and various user groups.

The current village hall was opened in 2002. The building came about as part of a complex project involving several parties and grants from the Millennium Commission and South Cambridgeshire District Council. To one side of the building lies the Recreation Ground with views to St Lawrence Church and children's play areas.

The premises comprises several different rooms, kitchen and toilet facilities with a large Foyer. The Sports Pavilion is adjoined but self contained with a generously sized Club room, own kitchen and shower/changing rooms.

Formerly, Foxton Village Hall was a much smaller building dating from 1929, located on the High Street next to the church. The old Sports Pavilion was situated on the Recreation Ground.

In the Foyer of the Village Hall there is a display board with information about the history of village road names and the history of the hall itself.